Jerrod Niemann has released a new music video for his single 'Buzz Back Girl.'

The single is Niemann's third release off of his album 'High Noon,' with the video featuring the singer getting his buzz from a slightly different source -- love. The video features a number of lovely women filling in the roles of Niemann's band.

Niemann's version of country music can hardly be called traditional -- his single 'Drink to that All Night' was also released as a remix with rapper Pitbull.

"I think that part of our industry wants to move forward and be progressive and part wants to keep it [traditional]," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "People think if we go and mix other types of stuff it's ruining it or it's going to end something, but it all goes in phases, it all changes. I really had to evolve a lot in my mind as a music fan to understand certain things, and if you sit there and try to [sound] like Johnny Cash, and Waylon and Willie, you're not going to go anywhere, because that's what made them so great. They can't be replicated."

The new single was the inspiration for Niemann's Get Your Buzz Back Tour, with dates continuing into December. Upcoming dates can be found here.

'High Noon' is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.