Jerrod Niemann's album, 'Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury,' debuted at the top of the country album chart last week, and one of the things that is separating the project from other albums is that it includes little comedic bits to help set up the songs. The eight skits contributed to the fun experience the singer-songwriter had in making it.

"It's not necessarily an original idea to have skits or comedy bits on your album, Jerrod tells The Boot, "and for me, I thought, why can't we do that on the album. It just seemed to work."

While he and many others find the interludes hysterical, Jerrod admits there may be a few who don't share the singer's sense of humor. "For some people, it may not be for them," he explains. "But for those who have a sense of humor and do think it's funny, I really do love you a lot and appreciate that, and would like to take all the credit for all of the humor. If you think it's stupid, then it was not me." [laughs]

In addition to the comedic bits, 'Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury' features 12 songs, including his current Top 3 hit, 'Lover, Lover.'

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