Jeff FoxworthyA decade of big stars and big laughs is about to come to an end. Jeff Foxworthy will host his syndicated 'Foxworthy Countdown' radio show for the last time this weekend (Dec. 26-27).

Jeff's show, during which he counts down the top 30 country hits in between interviewing stars and putting on hilarious comedy skits, began in 1999 with 11 radio stations on board. Today he has 250 stations, including 30 in Canada and even a few in Australia.

"The first day I ever walked into doing (the show), it was just me sitting in a studio, so I said to Tom, our producer, 'This just feels way too lonely,'" Jeff tells The Boot. "So I just made up all these people -- like Leon the assistant that never talks, and Faylene the redneck psychic, and Art from Art's Cleaners ... And even today, I'm in there recording it, and in my mind, they're all real people. [laughs] It's me on everything!

"Here's the fun thing about this for me: country music is the only form of music that's always had comedy associated with it. You've got comedians in the Country Music Hall of Fame. And I think it's because we're both story tellers. That's what country music is, it's story telling. That's what comedy is. And so when I started the show, I said to them, 'Hey, I'm fairly confident I can count backwards from 30, and I know these people, and I like them, but I don't think I can be serious for three or four hours.' And they said, 'Well, don't be.'"

Jeff will bid adieu to Leon (who speaks for the first time on the last show!), Art, Faylene and the rest of the characters this weekend. The good news is, fans can still catch Jeff on the syndicated television show 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?'