Feeling a little stressed? Jeff Bridges has the perfect antidote: a new album of sleepy sounds that he put together for Squarespace's Super Bowl ad campaign.

Bridges recorded 'Sleeping Tapes' and put it up for sale on his Squarespace-developed website as part of the company's TV spot, which aims to show football fans that starting a website can be easy using their tools. Bridges' tutorial can be seen in the video below.

So, is the album soothing enough to do the trick after a stressful week of work and chores? It was for Bridges.

"While working on the 'Sleeping Tapes' album, we put in some long hours," he tells the Wall Street Journal. "Listening back to our day's works, I'd often drift off. I'd wake up and smile saying, 'This stuff works.'"

The album is available for streaming and for sale using a pay-what-you-want model at DreamingWithJeff.com; limited-edition vinyl and cassette tapes will be available for auction in the future. All of the proceeds from the album go to support No Kid Hungry, which Bridges has been a spokesperson for since 2010.

"We wanted to create a campaign to illustrate that any idea, no matter how wild or weird, can be presented beautifully and meaningfully through Squarespace," Anthony Casalena, Squarespace's founder and CEO, says. "Instead of being built around an ad, our campaign is built around a real project on our platform."

You can check out the big game ad above. More information about No Kid Hungry can be found here.

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