Josh Kelley tries to write between 60-100 songs a year, and while plenty of them come from inspiring, emotional places and memories of his childhood growing up in Georgia, sometimes they can be inspired by nothing more than the memory of a bad date. Take the inspiration behind the song he penned with Rachel Thibodeaux and Kyle Jacobs, 'Ferris Wheel,' for instance. The tune, which is Jason Jones' debut single, was born out of a memory Josh recalled from a first date gone really wrong when he mixed one too many funnel cakes with a spinning midway ride. And though the song came out as a love song about falling in love under the stars at the county fair, it started out with the true, hilarious memory of vomiting on a first date!

"I wrote that song when I was thinking about back in the days when I used to go with my girl out to the county fairs in Augusta, Ga., and what's funny is the song has nothing to do with what I was actually thinking about when I was writing it. What I was thinking about when I was writing it, was that time I ate one of those funnel cakes and this girl made me get on one of those spinning things that starts spinning really, really fast, and starts going in different vertical directions, and I remember throwing up in front of her on this first date!

I was telling that story when Rachel Thibodeaux, Kyle Jacobs and I wrote that song together. It's a playful song about love and falling in love on a Ferris wheel. But getting sick really inspired that tune!"

Watch Jason Perform 'Ferris Wheel'