While stepping into the role of producer for Tyler Farr's next album was technically a new gig for Jason Aldean, the singer says he'd learned a lot about the job from his own career before diving into the project.

"[My producer] Michael [Knox] and I, even before I had my record deal, we were in the studio writing songs, and we would go in and record those songs," Aldean explained at a recent press event. "I was really involved in that stuff from the beginning. I've learned a lot from Michael, and I've learned a lot from cutting my own records."

Taking the next step into producing someone else, Aldean goes on to say, was an important aspect of making sure that his own career continues to grow and evolve. "I never wanna get complacent. I never [wanna be like], 'I'm doing good, my career's doing well.' I wanna feel like I'm branching out and doing different things and pushing myself, a little bit, to try new things," he says.

Farr isn't just a colleague of Aldean's: The two are good friends, and Aldean was even a groomsman in Farr's wedding. The country star says that going into his work on Farr's project, he knew that "number one, we would have fun in the studio, and, number two, we would come out with a record he was going to be proud of, and something that he's gonna be excited about, and come out with some great music."

That being said, Aldean isn't sure exactly yet how much of his time he'll want to dedicate to producing in the future. "This is kind of my first crack at it, to see how much I enjoy doing it or don't," he explains, adding that he might decide to spend more time in the producer's seat later on in his career, when he isn't spending as much time touring.

"We'll see how it goes. Way further down the line, it may be something I want to dive into a lot more," Aldean goes on to say. "Maybe when I'm off the road at some point and have a lot more free time on my hands, it'll be something I want to get into a lot more than I do right now. We'll see."

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