An annoyed Jason Aldean took to Twitter yesterday (June 11) after he was fined for swimming in supposedly dangerous conditions, Contact Music reports. The country superstar had been enjoying a day at the beach, and while he felt the water posed no threat, a local policeman evidently disagreed.

"Dear officer who gave me a ticket on the beach today for swimming in the water with double red flags.. Thanx for the warning Barney Fife!" Jason tweeted. "I know he was doin his job, but im pretty sure i wouldnt drown in knee deep water. Gimme a break!"

Lest anyone think he has beef with the police, the "Fly Over States" singer clarified his position with a pair of follow-up posts.

"Chill people... Im not bitchin, im just sayin... When there is 100 people in the water and u pick 2 of them to give a ticket to... WTH?" he tweeted.

"I respect all law enforcement & i am thankful for what they do for us, but me & that 12 yr old who got the other 100$ tix.Are a lil bitter," he added.

After posting a photo of crowded beach to prove his point -- "I would like to present exibit A!!!!!" he tweeted -- he fired off one last post, putting the issue to rest.

"Ya'll gettin way too worked up over this.. I was just havin fun & joking then everybody started goin crazy. Simmer down peeps it's all good," he tweeted.

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