If you're eager to get your hands on Jason Aldean's new album as soon as possible, you're going to have to buy a copy. The singer has made the decision to keep They Don't Know off all streaming services -- including Tidal, of which Aldean is a partial owner -- for the first month of its release.

"A new album is just like anything else. When the new iPhone comes out, when you go to the Apple store, they’re not just handing them out for free," Aldean tells Billboard. "If you want something that’s brand new, you’re willing to pay the price for it. And then, after it’s been out for a while, you may get it at a discount. That’s just business 101."

They Don't Know is scheduled to drop on Sept. 9, but Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify users won't find the project on those platforms, or any other streaming service, until Oct. 9. Back in 2014, Aldean pulled his Old Boots, New Dirt album off Spotify a month after its release on Oct. 7; at the time, he said, "I want everyone who is involved in making my music to be paid fairly. This is about trying to do what is right for the people who have given me a great life."

"This isn’t about me making more money. It’s about the younger artists coming up and having a legitimate shot at having a career in this business, a long career," explains Aldean, noting that he was "made to look like I was greedy for wanting to stand up for not only myself but for an entire genre of music and an entire town" when he made that decision two years ago.

"It’s about the writers, publishers, producers, everybody is getting the short end of the stick on this deal," he continues. "I have a lot of friends in this town who make their living writing."

They Don't Know is available for pre-order through Aldean's official website and other digital retailers.

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