Jason Aldean's "Got What I Got," off his album, showcases a retro feel, complete with the sound of a vinyl needle popping at the beginning of the track. Below, the singer reflects on why he wanted to bring in some of those throwback influences when he recorded the tune, and also explains why the song is his wife's favorite track on the album.

It's a little bit of a throwback. When it first comes on, it reminds me of, like, a Boyz II Men record or something.

But it was just a cool song, and [my wife] Brittany, that's her favorite song on the album. That's always a thing. On the last album, it was "You Make It Easy" -- that was the song she flipped about. And, obviously, that was a good call! Whenever she goes, "All the girls are gonna love that song," I'm like, "Alright, that's why I cut it!"

But I'm glad it's making a connection. And "You Make It Easy" was kind of like that; it had a little bit of a throwback feel on it, too. At this point, nine albums in, you're just trying to go in and do some things that you feel like you haven't done before. It's a little hard when you're nine albums in -- you feel like you've cut songs every kind of way you can cut 'em at this point.

But we still get in there, and I turn everybody loose and see what they come up with, and just play around with some different things until we feel like we've got it right. That was one that, you know, I definitely think that's gonna be a single pretty soon off the album, and I hope it's a big one, because I love the sound and the way it turned out, for sure.

I grew up listening to the big vinyl records that my dad had, and now you can bring those sounds back a little bit. I love the fact that everything's coming out on vinyl now. CDs and streaming and all that sounds really clean, but I still like that little dirtiness of the old vinyl.

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