Jason Aldean emerged from beneath the stage inspired. The singer, ACM Entertainer of the Year and soon-to-be father (again) unleashed a blitz of blue-collar country rockers while rarely slowing down at Country Jam 2017.

In fact, he made it a point to say how he liked to sing his slow songs ("The Truth," "Little More Summertime") early so he could rock out through the end. A single cover song dotted his 90-minute-long set list for Friday night's (June 16) show. Once again he brought the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider" to a festival stage, but he relied on his own hits.

The fans were grateful.

At various points, the fans out-shouted their paid-for headliner for Friday night, but he wasn't mad about it. In fact, he encouraged fans to sing along. Here are the five best singalong moments from his set, which capped Day 2 of Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo.

"Amarillo Sky"

Keith Griner for Country Jam

The rural tribute includes a chorus that Country Jam fans appreciated if not related to. The song is one of his older hits, but these fans seemed to know every word like it was on the jumbotron. "Please don't let my dreams run dry / Underneath, underneath this Amarillo sky," the song pleads at the end of the chorus. Aldean placed it during that slow middle, between "Night Train" and "The Truth."


Keith Griner for Country Jam

Conversely "Hicktown" is a shout-along that found thousands jumping up and down in euphoria. The secret to Aldean's success is his ability to relate, and this first-ever hit single embraces everything about the country lifestyle while turning the volume to 10.

"Yeah, we let it rip / When we got the money let it roll / If we got the gas it gets wild / But that's the way we get down / In a Hicktown," the fans shouted. Grand Junction and the dry dusty land that surrounds it was "Hicktown" on Friday.

"Crazy Town"

CJ Berzin for Country Jam

Before the show, Aldean told Taste of Country that while songs like "Hicktown" and "Crazy Town" aren't his best songs, they're his favorite to play live. It's easy to see why. Pyrotechnics aided the performance of this hit from 2010. It came relatively early.

"The Only Way I Know"

CJ Berzin for Country Jam

The theme of the night was established early with this hit from 2012 following Aldean's current single "They Don't Know" to begin the concert. Both songs establish him as a country outlaw, a well-crafted brand because it's true. "Full throttle, wide open / You get tired and you don’t show it / Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more / That’s the only way I know," he sings. Well, we sing.

"Big Green Tractor"

Keith Griner for Country Jam

Maybe "Big Green Tractor" is Aldean's biggest hit because it's so easy to sing along to. Or maybe it's so easy to sing along to because it's his biggest hit. The encore included this song and "She's Country" and the crowd left with ragged voices after shouting for nearly 90 minutes. As most true headliners do, Aldean feeds off this energy.

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