Breast cancer survivors have the chance to win VIP treatment throughout Jason Aldean's 2016 tour. In partnership with Susan G. Komen, the country star will be surprising deserving survivors (plus a guest) during his We Were Here Tour with a VIP experience, including a special backstage meet and greet.

In the past 10 years, Aldean has helped raise $2.3 million for Susan G. Komen through his yearly Concert for the Cure. Through his interactions with breast cancer survivors, the singer says that he's seen their strength and resilience in battling the debilitating disease.

"I've learned just how strong people are," he tells People. "A lot of these people I've met just have this will to not let anything beat them. They refuse to give in, and they want to live life. They've got kids and grandkids and husbands to fight for. It's cool to see and hear their stories. It just shows you how big the human spirit can be sometimes."

But for Aldean, supporting breast cancer awareness isn't just a nice thing -- it's personal.

"I have a wife. I have two daughters. I have a mother, a stepmom, a sister," he notes. " ... I mean, I have women in my life that are very important, and to me, it's something I would never want to see them go through."

However, the singer has seen loved ones go through the pain of breast cancer -- and it's affected him greatly.

"My best friend lost his wife to breast cancer, and she was in her very early 30s," Aldean shares. "I was there. I watched it all go down. I watched him deal with that and her go through it and her leaving behind two daughters. That to me was sort of an eye-opener."

Breast cancer survivors can be nominated for the VIP experiences via essay submissions at least 10 days prior to each show.

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