Everyone remembers their first flash of inspiration, the moment when they write their first song. But not everyone gets to write theirs in as picturesque a setting as New Zealand’s Jamie McDell, who wrote her first song at the age of 7 on a yacht in the Mediterranean -- her home at the time.

That’s where McDell first fell in love with country and folk music, spinning that initial impulse into an impressive career in New Zealand. At the age of 26, she has a gold album in her native country, three NZ Music Award nominations and the 2013 Best Pop Album award. Her song “Moon Shines Red” was featured on HBO’s Pretty Little Liars. And with songs such as the brand-new “Worst Crime,” featuring Robert Ellis and premiering on The Boot, McDell is well on her way to conquering Nashville.

Earlier this year, McDell released the stripped-down country album Extraordinary Girl with producer Nash Chambers. Straight on its heels, she's releasing The Botox EP, on which "Worst Crime" appears, and she’s got friends in high places to help her out.

"After recording the demo for "Worst Crime," Nash and I got the feeling it would be an interesting duet, especially if a male voice represented the victim," McDell tells The Boot. "Top of my list was Robert Ellis. I’d been a fan for years and, as a lot of these relationships begin in the modern era, we were ‘Instagram friends.' I messaged him and he said yes! He recorded his vocal in Fort Worth, Texas, and completely bought a unique dynamic to the track."

It’s easy to see why Ellis’ soulful vocals were necessary for “Worst Crime,” which readers can hear below. McDell croons her litany of sins with true regret, supported by a heartbreaking pedal steel part.

""Worst Crime" was inspired by a conversation surrounding the idea that some of the worst crimes a person can commit are actually the legal ones,” McDell writes. The song is a poignant moment of self-awareness, when we finally realize that we are perfectly capable of harming the people we love most.

The Botox EP is due out on Friday (Oct. 25). Visit McDell's official website for more details.

Listen to Jamie McDell With Robert Ellis, "Worst Crime":

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