Duo Jamestown Revival are premiering "Journeyman," one of the tracks from their upcoming new album, exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Journeyman" is the fourth track to be shared from The Education of a Wandering Man, a wanderlustful tune that finds the narrator bidding his love "bye-bye, baby, with a kiss" because he's "got a couple things left on my list to cross before I've grown old." It's "Gentle on My Mind" for the Americana / alt-country set, if you will.

"Journeyman, I'm highway bound / Drawn to the road while the others settle down / Don't know when I'm coming home," Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance sing in the chorus of "Journeyman. "Journeyman, I'm too far gone / Can't turn away from the road I'm traveling on."

Set for release on Oct. 7, The Education of a Wandering Man -- the title of which is a nod to Chance and Clay's favorite author, Louis L'Amour -- is Jamestown Revival's sophomore album; it follows their debut disc, 2013's Utah. The duo admits that while writing this time around, however, there was "something completely foreign to us -- pressure" in the mix.

"For the first time in our careers, we had fans anticipating new music. We had business partners with deadlines. We had radio programmers who had supported us, and they were ready for something new. We were too," Chance and Clay write in a letter announcing their new album. "Looking back to 2012, it’s easy to see ourselves as naive. In many ways we still are ... We’re finding a lot of the answers as we go, and this album is a snapshot of our observations and learnings over the past four years ... It’s a trial-by-fire, haphazard sort of process, but there’s rarely a dull moment ... It plays like a late night drive after one of our shows, shuffling through our highs, our lows, and everything in between."

The Education of a Wandering Man is available for pre-order now on iTunes; those who pre-order will instantly receive "Journeyman," along with "Back to Austin," "American Dream," "Company Man" and the single "Love Is a Burden." More information about Jonestown Revival, including tour dates, is available on their official website.

Listen to Jamestown Revival, "Journeyman":

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