James Robert Webb's newest music video, "Six Strings & the Truth," is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Webb's newest single, "Six Strings & the Truth" "celebrates those who stay true to their beliefs and convictions, regardless of what's popular," the singer-songwriter tells The Boot. Webb wrote the song and co-produced it with Daniel Kleindienst; for its music video, which readers can watch above, he recruited Brock Howard of Mankind Films to direct, edit and produce the clip.

"[He's] playin' what they say is out of style / But he starts to strum, and the crowd goes wild," Webb sings in the second verse of "Six Strings & the Truth." "He's laying it down, and they're drinkin' it up / They're diggin' his sound / And they're dyin' for just one more."

"Six Strings & the Truth" comes from Webb's sophomore album, Honky Tonky Revival, which is set for release on May 19. The 11-track album, Webb says, "reflects my diverse influences, which have come to find a home in country music today."

"For us, there were only two kinds of music: good and bad. It speaks to you, or it doesn't. You'll still love it 50 years from now, or you won't," Webb explains. "Great music never dies, but it can be resurrected and reborn in different forms. That's the message of this album -- the gospel, as it were."

A Tulsa, Okla., native, Webb earned a Top 40 hit on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart with his 2016 single "How That Feels." While working to grow his musical fan base, Webb remains a practicing physician in Tulsa, and in addition to his sophomore album, he is also currently working on a project of classic, iconic country covers.

"Six Strings & the Truth" is available for download on iTunes.

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