Jake Owen has released a music video for "Good Company," the newest single from his latest album, American Love. Readers can press play above to catch the summer vibes that the country star is throwing down.

Amid the uber-chill setting of Grand Cayman, the largest of the Bahamas' Cayman Islands, Owen takes viewers out on the town: He hangs out with some local schoolchildren, Grand Cayman residents and the neighborhood pigs; hops on a fishing boat with his buddies and reels in some of the native wildlife; and enjoys the beauty of island life. Blue skies, turquoise waters and Owen with his guitar make for the perfect (visual) summer getaway; all it's missing, as Owen sings, is "a pretty girl sitting here next to me."

The "Good Company" music video delivers everything that the laid-back party anthem promises in its sound. Aesthetically soothing with just a touch of reggae, "Good Company" is a summertime jam -- and, according to Owen, making the video wasn't half-bad either (no surprise there). On Instagram, the singer was sure to share plenty of footage from his time in the Bahamas.

Owen released American Love in 2016; the album features 11 tracks that capture a glimpse of Owen's personal life. In June, Owen will headline the Pandora Sounds Like Country show in Nashville during the week of the 2017 CMA Music Festival.

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