It's no secret to any of Jake Owen's fans that, in addition to being a musician, he is also a proud and devoted father to his two daughters. On Saturday (June 20), he marked Father's Day weekend with a special — and adorable— video featuring himself and his older daughter, Pearl, collaborating on a vocal jam of Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire."

Wryly noting, "This 'Pearl' is on fire," in the caption of the Instagram video, Owen also explains in the text that their sing-a-long was a "Morning Oatmeal Jamzzzz." He instructs his daughter that they'll be working in the key of G, and then the two dive into the song.

It's clear Pearl has no reservations when it comes to singing. The 7-year-old gives it her all, and at a pretty loud volume, when she reaches the chorus of the song. Watch out, Alicia Keys, you've got competition coming your way once this little girl grows up!

Owen has noted before that Pearl seems to be a natural entertainer. The father-daughter pair teamed up earlier this year to film a cute anti-bullying PSA, in which Pearl does some smooth freestyling for the camera.

Pearl is big sis to Paris Hartley, whom Owen welcomed with his girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, in April of 2019. Pearl's mom is Owen's ex, Lacey Buchanan.

Owen's latest album is Greetings From ... Jake, which he dropped in March of 2019. "Made For You," the set's fourth single, was released on May 18.

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