Bob Dylan wrote of Hank Williams in his memoir 'Chronicles, Volume One,' that "Intuitively I knew, though, that his voice would never drop out of sight or fade away." 'The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams' is a new collection of songs which draws from notes and lyrics left behind in a briefcase by the country legend at the time of his unexpected death at age 29. Indeed, Hank's legacy lives on.

The songs have been recovered and recorded by a multitude of artists including indie rock mainstay Jack White, whose seemingly tireless work ethic has made his projects almost ubiquitous in the music world.

Jack's contribution on this collection comes in the form of 'You Know That I Know,' a faithful take on Hank's signature country lilt. Other artists who contribute to the collection include Norah Jones, Levon Helm, Merle Haggard and Dylan himself.

'The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams' is out today (Oct. 4). Check out the star-studded tracklisting and stream Jack's song here.

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