Jelly Roll says he backed out of meeting Diddy at the last minute because he was feeling weird about it.

Jelly Roll Says He Skipped Meeting Diddy

Last Friday (April 5), Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie stopped by the CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau podcast to talk about their recent success. While Jelly Roll chronicled his explosive rise to fame over the past year, he said that he was supposed to meet Diddy backstage while both of them were scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"This is the first time in my career, ever, where they said, 'Do you want to meet such-and-such?' And I said, 'Yeah,' and I started walking that way," Jelly said at the 43-minute mark below. "And as I was getting down the hallway—this is a true story—I said, 'Nah,' and went and got back in the car. I don't know what it was, and I made a joke at first, 'you don't wanna meet the guy that got Tupac killed...'  When we were walking, I was like, I don’t know. Very seldom does things rub me in a way where I was like, 'I don’t even know if that’s a picture I want.'"

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Diddy's Son Accused of Sexual Assault

Jelly Roll's comments were made the same day it was announced that a woman was suing Diddy's son King Combs for allegedly sexually assaulting her on a yacht in 2022. Grace O'Marcaigh filed suit against Diddy's son after she said he became uncomfortably fixated on her during a party on the yacht that had been rented by Puff. She claims at one point he tried to kiss and grope her and force her to perform oral sex on him. O'Marcaigh says she has a recording of the entire ordeal and listed Diddy as a defendant.

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Watch Jelly Roll talk about skipping a meeting with Diddy below.

Watch Jelly Roll Say He Bailed on Meeting Diddy Because of an Unexplainable Feeling

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