A man on Reddit believes he ruined his wife's birthday party after becoming angry with inappropriate comments she made while she was drunk.

"We went out for my wife’s birthday. Us and 10 friends, mostly couples. She got very drunk. I had two drinks. We went back to a friend’s to sing karaoke. Friend’s husband had a great voice and my wife called it sexy repeatedly, to the point where I dreaded him singing next. Later in the night, during a compliment she said something about him making girls wet with his voice," he wrote.

Then, "someone made a comment about sexy singer guy sleeping alone (he snores and doesn’t sleep in the same room as wife) and of course a comment pops up about my wife sneaking in."

When the man got up to sing, his wife joked that having s-x with him was a "chore."

"We had never talked about it, so it was startling to hear it in front of our friends. She also lamented that she’s only seen one d--k in a very long time. Also something we’d never discussed so I was again taken aback," the frustrated husband continued.

He tried to hide his "contempt" for his wife the rest of the night.

"We went home at midnight, I confronted her about it immediately, she didn’t know what I was talking about. She passed out and I couldn’t go to sleep ... I couldn’t let it go. Before I fell asleep I texted her what she said. It was a sh---y move, I should’ve said it to her face, but I needed some catharsis to settle down," he recalled.

When his wife woke up, she immediately texted her friends, apologizing. She also texted an apology to her husband.

"I came home and told her I was distraught. I said I didn’t know who that person was making those jokes. I don’t believe they were all jokes. She apologized again and then threw up her hands wondering what more she could do? She said I’m overreacting, no one else thought it was an issue," he wrote.

His wife told him it was "normal to make jokes about your sex life with your friends."

"She also said that of course she doesn’t want other men, she barely has interest in s-x with me. I told her to leave the house and I didn’t want to be around her. She left. I’m sure I’ve ruined her birthday at this point. I feel horrible," he concluded his post.

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Users supported the man in the comments, with many slamming his wife for her behavior.

"Yeah, if my friend kept joking about my husband getting her wet or wanting to sleep with him, I'd be pissed and not want her around him in the future, no matter how drunk she was when she made the comments," one person wrote.

"I highly doubt her friends said he overreacted and she did absolutely nothing wrong. Honestly, the friend was a lot nicer than me. I would've told her she needed to get the f--k out and made her husband take her home," another shared.

"I commend you for not making a scene in front of your friend group. I do not think you are overreacting, your reaction is completely understandable," someone else commented.

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