Zach Bryan's newest musical endeavors appear to include some out-of-genre, outside-the-box collaborations.

On Sunday night (Sept. 17), the singer hopped on social media to share a trio of new songs, freshly written and recorded during a productive period of camping, collaborating and sequestering himself in a studio. Two of the friends on hand with him during this session were indie singer-songwriter Noah Kahan and noted folk group Bon Iver, and Bryan connected profoundly with both acts, he says in the caption of his post.

"Locked myself in a studio all week, wrote through a notebook, walked around with people I love in the city then went campin, felt restful and hopeful, thankful for breathing no matter the day, just grateful," Bryan writes in sharing the new music. "Thank you to [Bon Iver] and [Noah Kahan.]"

On Instagram, the three songs are posted as a video carousel; on Twitter, Bryan isolated each one as its own post, delineating which song featured Bon Iver and which featured Kahan, and saying to each collaborating act, "Come back soon ... you have a friend for life."

"Them boys of faith," Bryan also writes on social media, in what appears to be a nod to a lyric or the title of the song he cut with Bon Iver.

In addition to the two collabs, Bryan also shared a new solo song. He didn't tell fans the title of any of the songs, but in the caption of the third, solo song, he writes: "A pool stick I was gifted from him."

The new songs Bryan is teasing follow his newly-released, self-titled album, which he dropped in late August. That album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, and one of the songs on the track list, a collaboration with Kacey Musgraves called "I Remember Everything," topped the Billboard Hot 100.

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