It's been nearly six years since Toby Keith's daughter Krystal Keith released new music. At the end of Taste of Country's final interview with the country icon, we asked why.

  • Krystal Keith is Toby Keith's youngest daughter, after Shelley. He also had a son named Stelen.
  • Her most well-known song is "Daddy Dance With Me," written and recorded for the father-daughter dance at her wedding in 2010.
  • Toby Keith died on Monday (Feb. 5) after a two-year battle with stomach cancer.

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Toby Keith and his daughter Krystal Keith perform at the 2004 CMA Awards
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Who Is Toby Keith's Daughter, Krystal Keith?

Krystal Keith was born Krystal Covel in 1985, but changed her legal name to Krystal Sandubrae after marrying husband Andrew in 2010.

Fans first met her in 2004 when she appeared with her father at the CMA Awards. Their duet of "Mockingbird" would crack country airplay charts, but instead of starting a career in music, she'd go to college.

"My dad's rule was not read any of that stuff so I just got to hear what people told me," she'd tell the Boot about public response to her performance.


What Does Krystal Keith Sing?

Keith signed to her father's Show Dog-Universal Music record label and released the Whiskey & Lace album in 2023. The project featured two singles, "Get Your Redneck On" and "Daddy Dance With Me," her only charting song.

"I was sitting there crying like, 'This is terrible. You have just busted me up,'" Keith told Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul about hearing her ballad for the first time at the wedding. "It's such a powerful song.'"

A song called "Anyone Else" with Lance Carpenter would follow in 2018, and that's pretty much been it for the now 38-year-old. Her Facebook page still promotes the Boulder EP, released that year.

What Happened to Krystal Keith?

Krystal and her husband were nearly killed in a car accident in 2017, but that's not directly responsible for her quasi-retirement from the stage.

"I heard her sing at an event. She's still got the pipes," Toby Keith gushed of his daughter. "She can go and she can write."

The real reason she doesn't sing anymore is because she's prioritized family.

"She's raising beautiful babies," Keith shared, referring to his granddaughters Kirby and Hensley. "She loves to sing, but she loves being a mother."

The children keep her very busy, Toby told us.

"They're constantly doing something. When they're asleep, they sleep on top of her. It's like puppies around a dog. They just worship her and they're so busy together, she keeps them so busy."

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