If you are an NFL fan, you'd better bring a full wallet this season.

Another year, and another streaming option has been picked by the league for a round of games, this time falling on Christmas.

With Netflix now getting two NFL games, that means fans will need yet another streaming service to watch all of the NFL games in 2024.

Of course, the NFL stepped into the streaming-only option with the playoff game between the Chiefs and Dolphins, as the 2023 Wildcard game could only be streamed on Peacock. That was highly watched — even if some people lost to Mother Nature — with 23 million people tuning in.

It's no surprise that the NFL will continue to push the boundaries of fans' wallets as the NFL continues to be the most watched product in television. In fact, the 100 most-watched TV events of 2023 seem to have one very common theme:

What Streaming Services Do You Need to Watch all NFL Games for the 2024-2025 Season?

  • YoutubeTV - $73/month
  • Prime Video - $9/month
  • Peacock - $6/month
  • ESPN+ - $11/month
  • Netflix - $7/month

That doesn't even include the Sunday Ticket, which is needed to watch NFL games that are not in your local market. That checks in with a price tag of $349.

Add it all together and you need roughly $850 to watch every single NFL game this upcoming season.

The NFL continues to find ways to make money out of thin air. In 2010, the league announced the draft would shift to prime time on Thursday, making the draft a made-for-TV bonanza covering three days and turning an event of reading names into an event that saw 775,000 people attend in Detroit.

As always with the NFL, follow the dollars.

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