Is Morgan Wallen's ex-girlfriend married, or just engaged? Katie "KT" Smith and her longtime boyfriend Luke Scornavacco made something official over the weekend.

A gallery of photos on social media includes an apparent marriage proposal, a white dress, friends with flowers and the little boy she shares with Wallen.

  • Wallen and Smith's son Indigo Wilder Wallen was born on July 10, 2020.
  • The couple were briefly engaged and have co-parented since.
  • Smith and Scornavacco went public with their relationship in 2023.

The first pic finds Scornavacco — a TikToker — on a knee proposing marriage to Smith. Her son is racing towards them in the second phot,o and the third finds her wiping away a tear as they walk down an aisle, away from a heart-framed platform.

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Then we see an engagement ring that Page Six values at $22,000, followed by a picture of the three of them and another with two unidentified women, presumably their mothers.

Smith is smiling at her new bauble in the next-to-last photo, but she's also holding a small bouquet. Finally, she's with Indie and a large bouquet.

"Why save the good things for later," she asks in the caption.

The comments are a mix of generic congratulations and well-wishes, plus questions like, "Engaged? Married? Both???"

An 18-comment convo that comes to no real consensus follows that. See for yourself:

Scornavacco, 22, posted the same pictures and message on his page. If either clarified in Instagram Stories, the message has expired. Neither has answered this pressing question on TikTok yet.

After giving birth to Indigo, Smith shared details about the brief reunion that led to her getting pregnant, but in recent years she's only shared positive accounts of her famous ex's time as a father.

These days, in addition to being a mother, she's a social media influencer. She once kept a blog, but the last entry was in Oct. 2022.

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