Luke Combs wrote a song for a movie, but don't expect him to star in a feature film any time soon. "Ain't No Love in Oklahoma" was written for Twisters, an update of the 1996 blockbuster hit Twister.

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The lyrics to "Ain't No Love in Oklahoma" (see below) can be taken pretty literally. The first verse describes the dangers of storm chasing, something Combs has no experience with. The second verse doubles down while describing why the storm chaser craves danger.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Combs admitted the new country-rocker is a one-off project that's not reflective of where he's headed musically. Writing this song was different.

"Honestly, a little more freedom," he says when pressed for details.

"Ain't No Love in Oklahoma" dropped the same day Tim McGraw revealed his next acting project. Don't expect Combs to appear on screen anytime soon. For starters, tour dates and kids take all his time in 2024, but there's also a more practical reason.

"I don't know that I'd be very good at it," he admits.

Taste of Country's full interview with Luke Combs will air on the Taste of Country Nights on Demand Podcast on May 22.

Here Are the Lyrics to Luke Combs, "Ain't No Love in Oklahoma":

I keep chasin’ that same old devil down the same old dead-end highway / Ridin’ that storm runnin’ through my veins like a shot down tail spun airplane / Scared of nothin’ and I’m scared to death / I can’t breathe then I catch my breath / But I keep chasin’ that same old devil down the same old dead-end highway.

Ain’t no love in Oklahoma / Just the whistle of a long black train / You’ll know when it’s comin’ for ya / Ridin’ in on the wind and rain.

I got saved in the same red river, the same red river tried to drown me / It ain’t knockin’ me down I’m standin’ my ground / With the whole world fallin’ all around me / I keep runnin’ but I’m standin’ still / Pray for peace but I need the thrill / So I keep chasin’ that same old devil down the same old dead-end highway.

Repeat Chorus X 3

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