Luke Bryan gave his fellow American Idol judges, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, a taste of his roots on Sunday's (March 4) new episode of the show.

The "Country Girl" singer brought both of his city-slicker co-judges along for a down-home tour of his dad's peanut mill in Leesburg, Ga.

"I was very proud to be able to take Lionel and Katy to my mill in Leesburg where I grew up," Bryan admits.

Watch video of the fun day below. After driving Perry and Richie to his dad's mill, Bryan points out the window to show his co-judges his old tractor, noting that he would "come in every day and I would hop on one of them little tractors like that and pull wagon 12-14 hrs a day."

Bryan gave his Idol buddies a chance to ride that tractor — the one that would dump peanuts out. As Perry tries to leave, she falls out, and Richie attempts to catch her. It's a hilarious moment:

The country star even brought his dad over to show Perry and Richie the "peanut elevator." Bryan's dad hands what seems to be the dump trigger to Richie, and Richie's co-judges laugh as he jokingly says, "I'm the peanut dump man."

Perry screams and coughs as the peanuts are dumped into the barn, while Bryan is seen throwing the peanuts around.

After a few peanut pile poses, Perry dumps the peanut pieces out of her high-heeled shoes and the country singer wraps both arms around his co-judges as they leave the mill. Bryan jokingly asks, "y'all know what that smells like right? Money, let's go."

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights. The show is currently in the auditions phase.

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