Loretta Lynn's granddaughter Emmy Russell took the American Idol stage once again on Sunday (March 31). Whether or not she moved on feels like an afterthought after her vulnerable performance.

  • In February, Emmy Russell earned a trip to Hollywood with a performance of an original called "Skinny."
  • Finding her true voice has been the 24-year-old's goal this season.
  • She is the daughter of Patsy Lynn Russell and her husband Phillip.

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While Russell had spoken about battling an eating disorder as a teenager previously, she got into what rooted her anxiety ahead of this new performance. The singer choked up talking about the pressures that came with being Lynn's granddaughter.

"I was told at 11 years old, 'You've got big shoes to fill,'" she shares over footage of her onstage with Lynn at a young age.

"The pressure that I lived under are why the nerves are so strong."

She's been searching for her true identity apart from Lynn's legacy since she was 16, and as she begins to cry, it's clear the quest isn't over, although she's optimistic about her future.

"Like That" is the original song she chose for the judges this week.

"All my songs are basically a confession," she says.

Did Emmy Russell Advance on American Idol?

Sunday night's American Idol episode was unique in that it was billed as the biggest cut in show history. ore than half of the 143 Hollywood contestants were sent home. Gold Derby shares that just 56 are left.

Russell is among that group. After singing a song called "Like That," she learned she'd moved on to Monday night's (April 1) Showstoppers Round, where the group will be trimmed to 24.

The three American Idol judges continue to praise Russell's songwriting, but Katy Perry admits she was hoping for more range. So far, the feedback the young singer has received has been positive, with some constructive criticism that shows she still has room to grow.

Triston, Will Mosely and Jennifer Jeffries are a few others who advanced. TikTok sensation Bethany Teague and Kyra Waits are among the singers who were cut.

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