Lainey Wilson is putting her family's farming roots on display in a new Tractor Supply commercial.

The "Wildflowers and Wild Horses" singer is extending her role as the company's brand ambassador in 2024. It's a perfect pairing, given Wilson's upbringing as a fifth-generation farmer's daughter.

In her latest ad, Wilson showcases the juxtaposition of her life: It starts with the country singer enjoying life on the farm before loading up on a tour bus headed for Nashville.

"I'm from a farming community," she says in a voiceover. "A little town of 200 people. A fifth-generation farmer's daughter. I consider myself a farmer, too."

"It's about getting up every single day, planting those seeds, watering them and watching them grow," Wilson continues in the 30-second ad spot, "And sometimes when you find the right farming community, you can have the harvest of a lifetime."

The commercial finishes with clips of Wilson winning her first Grammy award and performing in front of a sold-out crowd.

An instrumental version of her single "Country's Cool Again" plays in the background.

Is Lainey Wilson in a Tractor Supply Commercial?

Wilson is the face of Tractor Supply's new Life Out Here campaign. The company chose the rising star to highlight their commitment to serving those in the farming community.

"Lainey's music and creative process remind us to slow down and appreciate 'Life Out Here,'" said Kimberley Gardiner, chief marketing officer of Tractor Supply. "Her connection to this way of life fuels her, just like it fuels us at Tractor Supply, and we look forward to continuing to share this passion in the next chapter of our partnership."

When she's not fulfilling her duties as a country music star, the "Watermelon Moonshine" singer can be found working her own farm. She told Taste of Country at the 2023 ACM Awards that she'd recently splurged on some land.

"I did buy me some land on the outskirts of Nashville and I'm planning on doing some stuff to it. Maybe building a barn, maybe buying a few horses," she said at the time. "It's really exciting to think that I'm just right around the corner from getting back to the things that made me me growing up."

These Cute Pics of Lainey Wilson + Devlin Hodges Are Workin' Overtime

Slowly, but surely, Lainey Wilson is becoming more comfortable sharing her relationship with former NFL player Devlin Hodges with the world. Although it's unclear when their romance began, the pair made their first pubic appearance together at the 2023 ACM Awards. Then, they attended the CMA Awards together that fall.

Wilson has spoken very little about Hodges, but she did share that she's not afraid to put him to work around her home in Nashville.

"I put him to work," Wilson told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 CMA Awards. "Look, he's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

One things is for sure, these two make an adorable couple.