Jelly Roll is rocking a new look. The country star went to the dentist recently and came out with a fresh set of teeth.

The singer's wife, Bunnie Xo, chronicled the experience for fans and shared it in a video summary on TikTok. In the video, you can see a clearly sedated Jelly in a dentist chair, hooked up to tubes, but still smiling as he explains what is happening.

"I'm at the practice, getting some work done. I've had these same veneers for 20 years," the "Save Me" singer explains. "I'm finally getting them replaced, and I'm getting some implants and getting some cavities and wisdom teeth pulled out. I'm doing a lot of s--t."

Jelly Roll has been very upfront about his past, rugged way of life. The streets don't offer dental insurance, so now that the star has come up in music, he decided to get all of the necessary dental work done at one time.

As with every video that comes out of Jelly Roll's house, humor is involved in this capture from the dentist. In the midst of having major mouth surgery, the dentist asks Jelly Roll how he is feeling. The star pauses for a moment, then says, "sexy!"

The room immediately bursts into laughter, making a memorable moment for all.

"I'm feeling great man, I feel like I'm finally taking care of stuff," he says, speaking more seriously.

"I want a pretty smile. I had an ugly smile as a kid, and people picked on me and made fun of me and stuff."

Now, he's sporting fresh pearly whites and heightened confidence — just in time to kick off his Beautifully Broken Tour this April.

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