Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo shared sad news on social media on Wednesday (May 8). Her father Bill has died after a battle with cancer.

The singer's father-in-law had been living with the couple since his Stage 4 diagnosis late last summer. He was put in hospice in November, but made remarkable progress in the following months.

In February, Bunnie shared that he underwent a hip replacement surgery and could be walking soon. "So now we have bionic Bill," the podcast host cracked.

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Bill battled cancer on his own through holistic remedies for a year, leaning only on his wife for support. Once his condition worsened, though, he reached out to his daughter.

The couple spoke several times about how much they appreciated having him in their life in Nashville. Bunnie's announcement speaks to the hole in their house and hearts.

"Hey Bill, I'm going to miss you," she says. "You are still my favorite rock star & my hero. This one's going hurt."

A collage of photos of Bill with Bunnie (real name Alisa) and without follow.

Bill's death seems to have come about quickly and perhaps unexpectedly. On Tuesday (May 7), Bunnie joined her husband for his 5K walk/run in Pasadena, Calif. She shared and promoted several other things on Instagram stories in the 24 hours before her father's passing.

Little else is known about Bill's life, including his wife's name and whether he has any other kids or not.

Bunnie Xo's mother died in November 2022. Jelly Roll's father died several years ago, but his mother still lives in Tennessee.

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