Let’s get real — there are some parts of the internet you might wish you never found from time to time. With that being said, it might not be a surprise that in addition to an artist's music, many fans also might be equally obsessed with his or her feet.

Christian singer Cory Asbury recently found this out while doing an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, May 7.

One of the questions a fan sent in read: “You have a wiki feet page.”

Cory Asbury Instagram

Thinking it was a joke, Asbury didn’t believe it until the follower recommend that the singer should Google “Cory Asbury feet.”

In doing so, the “Reckless Love” singer discovers he’s actually quite popular in the world of feet photos.

The next slide on his Instagram stories shows a screenshot of the singer Googling and finding a whole page dedicated to him.

Cory Asbury Instagram

Granted, Asbury has intentionally put comical photos of him barefoot online before, so in a way, he did bate the hook. Nonetheless, it's still not something you’d expect to get a dedicated page for if you aren't familiar with WikiFeet.

Photos of screenshots taken from Asbury’s Instagram stories can be found on WikiFeet Men, a website that marks itself as a “collaborative celebrity feet website.”

Asbury went on his Instagram stories to take pride and honestly express a little shock in how high his feet were rated.

Cory Asbury Instagram

Sitting at a 4.73 out of 5, the singer notes surprise at the other information the site sourced.

“Number one, how did they get my size right?” he says. Continuing the bit, the singer notes he’s always thought he had some good “piggies” and clearly others agree.

It makes us wonder — what country star’s fans think have good feet... and might have photos out there! We're going to pass on exploring WikiFeet and just wait for you to tell us.

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