Caroline Jones is set to release a new album in the fall, and Taste of Country readers are the first to get the scoop. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will drop a new album titled Homesite on Oct. 20, and she's premiering her new song, "Serendipity," and letting fans see her fun new video first in this exclusive premiere.

Jones plays dual roles in her new video for "Serendipity." One is a serious-minded career woman with her mind focused on business, and the other is a carefree spirit who helps her get more in touch with her emotions as they sing the love song in a conference room.

"'Serendipity' celebrates the wonderful surprises love brings," Jones tells us. "The video demonstrates the two sides of Caroline: one is serious and business-focused, while the other is colorful and carefree.

"At first, the video starts in a dull conference room, but as the song goes on, the two Carolines start to connect," she explains. "The serious Caroline starts to embrace the joyful and carefree side, showing that love can change how we see the world. The video is a reminder that love can bring together different parts of ourselves and make life more vibrant and exciting.”

It's a transition Jones has made in her own life over the past few years.

"I definitely surprised myself when I met my husband (America's Cup sailor Nick Dana) and got married," Jones told ToC in May, laughing when reminded that she previously described herself as "independent and stubborn ... sometimes to a fault" in a 2021 interview.

Jones turned to social media in June to reveal that she and Dana are expecting their first child, and the songs on Homesite reflect the continuing changes in her life. Jones wrote and produced most of the album, which features an eclectic mix of country, bluegrass and pop and collaborations with artists including her Zac Brown Band bandmates, Vince Gill, Alyssa Bonagura and more.

“I titled this album Homesite because it is about building — building my character by practicing grit and resilience, building a career that I am proud of, and now building a family of my own. Stake in the ground, this is my Homesite,” Jones states.

The "Bare Feet" singer is humorously titling her upcoming solo jaunt the Barefoot and Pregnant Tour. The four-date headlining tour comes as Jones also continues to tour as the newest member of Zac Brown Band, which she joined as a full member in 2022. ZBB are spending much of 2023 on the road for their From the Fire Tour, which runs through Sept. 4 before wrapping up in Tampa, Fla.

See a full track listing for Caroline Jones' Homesite album and her Barefoot and Pregnant Tour dates below.

Homesite is currently available for pre-order.

Tracy Allison

Caroline Jones, Homesite Tracklist:

1. "Lawless"
2. "Serendipity"
3. "Million Little Bandaids" (feat. Zac Brown Band)
4. "Homesite"
5. "Britches"
6. "Superpower"
7. "Keep It Safe" (feat. Alyssa Bonagura)
8. "Talking to Milo"
9. "Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)"
10. "Normal Person"
11. "By Way of Sorrow" (feat. Vince Gill)

Caroline Jones, Barefoot & Pregnant Tour Dates:

Sept. 24 — Nashville, Tenn. @ Country Music Hall of Fame
Sept. 26 — Nashville, Tenn. @ Ole Red Nashville
Oct. 4 — Raleigh, N.C. @ Pour House
Oct. 19 — Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Troubadour

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