Kellie Pickler's brand-new reality series, I Love Kellie Pickler, has a premiere date.

The "docu-comedy" will debut on Nov. 5 at 10PM ET on CMT. The show stars Pickler and her husband, Kyle Jacobs, and focuses on Pickler's relationships with her friends and family. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is an executive producer, along with Eugene Young, Rabih Gholam, Lisa Tucker, Noah Moskin, Pickler and Jacobs.

“Since her days on American Idol, Kellie has captured the hearts of many with her pretty smiles, good humor and spirited personality,” Seacrest says. “Like Kellie herself, this new show has lots of heart. CMT is the perfect home for this show, which will take audiences on a relatable journey with Kellie and her husband Kyle as they navigate life through work, music, friends and family.”

Pickler tells Rolling Stone Country, "I’ve been offered reality shows since Idol. With Ryan, it just felt right. We’ve been talking about it for years and just have never made it a priority.”

The country singer explains that I Love Kellie Pickler will give fans a personal look at what life, marriage and love looks like in the music industry, and it will focus more on her relationships than her music.

“When my husband co-wrote a song titled "Ain’t No Cure for Crazy" and said it was meant just for me, I had to wonder,” Pickler says. “We know how crazy our life is with both of us being in the entertainment business and all that it entails while trying to maintain a somewhat ‘normal’ marriage. It’ll be fun to let the rest of the world see into that window of our life.”

Pickler's dynamic personality will be on display, and the singer herself admits that there's a lot of knee-slapping involved.

“We laugh so much,” Pickler says. “We have Redneck Supper Club dinner parties at our house and grill out. I was a huge fan of Lucille Ball and her funny shenanigans with Ethel that poor Ricky would have to get her out of. We want to play off that type of comedy — lighthearted but natural situations that I get into — and marry that with a Friends-type feel.”

In addition to her new show, Pickler's been busy with the launch of her own line of home goods line, Selma Drye by Kellie Pickler, in honor of her great-grandmother. More information is available on Pickler’s website.

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