Rising country artist Hudson Moore and his wife Sarah celebrate their second wedding anniversary on Tuesday (June 28). Unsurprisingly, the singer-songwriter says his wife is his "No. 1 fan" -- but as he tells The Boot, his bride really is very involved in his music and career.

"She literally helps with mixing notes," Moore admits. But more than that, he continues, "She’s a perfect representation of my fans: She’s a 27-year-old girl. She loves seeing music. She listens to all different things.

"She gives me a lot of tips on song choice, I run ideas past her," Moore adds, especially as he worked on his newest album, Getaway, released in June. "She’s super supportive."

Moore and his wife met while the artist was performing at a bar in Fort Worth, Texas -- somewhere she hadn't planned on being.

"She had a job interview the next day. She wasn’t supposed to come out. Her friend talked her into it," Moore recalls. "She had kind of heard of me. She came out, and I’m obviously super glad she did, and the rest is history."

Moore is planning on spending much of the remainder of 2016 on the road, including as the opening act on shows with Brothers Osborne and Chris Young.

"I love recording," Moore says, "but I want to take the songs out and create a party, create a concert that people walk away going, ‘Wow. That was great.’ That’s my goal."

A list of all of Moore's shows is available on his website.

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