Miranda Lambert is a country singer-songwriter, but she's also a country record holder and ball-buster, literally. How well do you know the famous hitmaker?

Anyone who can correctly answer three of the five questions in the trivia video below is doing pretty well. If you guessed four or even all five answers, we'll assume you're related to the Texan. Questions about Lambert's songs, husband (present and past) and love of animals were omitted from the quiz, because, come on — everyone knows that, right?

Lambert first came to our attention as a 19-year-old, in 2003, when she finished third on Nashville Star, the USA network's country music version of American Idol. Despite sharp, personal songwriting and strong storytelling, she struggled commercially, until she performed "Kerosene" at the 2005 CMA Awards in New York City. Her first official No. 1 hit wouldn't come for another five years, but by the 2010s, she was one of the biggest stars in country music.

Childhood questions, her secret talent and the one thing she never takes the stage without all make the list of trivia questions. Let us know how you did, and maybe even dazzle us with your own piece of Lambert trivia.

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See Pictures of Miranda Lambert's Tennessee Home:

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