New York Times bestselling authors Lindsay McKenna and Diana Palmer have new novels to share, featuring modern-day veterans, ranchers and turn-of-the-century Texas royalty. If these characters' lives had a soundtrack, it would most certainly be country music.

The seventh and newest installment in the Wind River Valley book series, McKenna's Home to Wind River follows Army nurse Lily Thompson, who's recently completed a harrowing tour of duty in Afghanistan and has taken a job at Wind River Ranch, as the caretaker for foreman Jake Murdoch's elderly mother. She's looking for some wide open spaces -- cue the Dixie Chicks' 1998 song! -- to help her feel at peace ...

... and she'd have it, if not for Jake, a tight-lipped and intimidating man with the nickname "Bear." The ex-Marine is used to life alone and isn't enjoying having Lily in his home -- but she can see his vulnerability, and she knows there's kindness under his gruffness.

Suffering from PTSD of her own, Lily wants to bring that side of Jake out. He's infatuated and intrigued -- but no one can save Jake from his past, and he's letting it affect his future. Can time and patience make their love real? Press play on Josh Turner's "If Love Ever Gives Me Another Try" and find out.

Palmer's Amelia is set in western Texas at the turn of the 20th century. After her mother's death, 20-year-old titular heroine Amelia Howard moved to El Paso from Atlanta, Ga., with her banker father. Amelia is kind and demure, but she's strong when she needs to be -- as the Josh Abbott Band say, "She's Like Texas" -- and oh, does she ever love her new home, full of dazzling colors, white heat and rough sensuality.

Amelia's father is pushing her to marry the youngest son in the Culhane family; they're ranchers, extremely wealthy, and the most powerful family in town -- and Mr. Howard covets their wealth. However, Amelia has other ideas ...

She's in love with another Culhane brother, King, a towering, sunburned cowboy. The two outwardly despise each other, masking their true feelings. It's a love like that described by the Civil Wars in "Poison & Wine," and they'll stop at nothing to fulfill their desire.

Both Home to Wind River and Amelia are available now. Cue up the country music and get to reading!

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