Country a cappella group Home Free already have a busy touring calendar to look forward to in 2019, having recently added an extensive new batch of dates to their Timeless World Tour. By the end of 2019, the group will have performed more than 140 dates in 14 countries -- but before returning to their international dates, the band is set to bring a little holiday cheer to their U.S. fans with their Winter 2018 A Country Christmas Tour.

"We're probably most excited to go to Florida, let's be honest," the group joked with The Boot on the red carpet before the 2018 CMA Awards. "Florida in December is where you wanna be!"

All jokes aside, the members of Home Free agree that, as avid Christmas fans themselves, they're excited to devote some time on the road to the music of the season. "Oh my gosh, we love Christmas music, as listeners," the band explains. "We're big dorks! We love the spirit. We get into the Christmas spirit, because it's all about family. That kind of show is so fun, and it's such a different pace from what we usually do."

Home Free are looking forward to releasing a new album in 2019 as well -- and that music will have one key different from the records they've released in the past.

"We're going to be releasing a new album in the summer [of 2019], and we're stoked about that," the band says. "This'll be our first album where we do mostly originals. In the past we've done mostly covers and peppered in a couple originals; this time, we're gonna flip it and do mostly originals and maybe a couple covers."

To stay up to date on the new music, as well as all of Home Free's upcoming shows, head over to their website.


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