Holly Williams and her husband, Chris Coleman, have welcomed their first child. Williams gave birth to a daughter, Stella June Coleman, in Nashville on Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 30).

“I am beyond thrilled to meet her," Williams tells People magazine. "I’m so incredibly blessed."

Stella June weighed 7 lbs., 12 oz., and measured 21 inches long. Williams' grandfather was the legendary Hank Williams, and her father is Hank Williams, Jr., so in the tradition of her famous family, she drew from past generations to name her daughter. Stella was the name of a great, great aunt, and June was Williams’ maternal grandmother. Williams' song 'Waiting on June' was written to honor her.

“She was the grandparent I was closest to by far, and she was just such an amazing, lovely, southern dream of a grandmother to me,” Williams says. “It’s really important to teach my child about my grandparents and where they came from and why I was so close to them."

Williams and Coleman married in 2009. He is a multi-instrumentalist who tours with the Kings of Leon, while she released her third album, ‘The Highway,’ in 2013. They announced the pregnancy in May.

Both artists just returned from long stretches of touring and plan to spend at least the next two weeks at home together -- the first time they've been together at home that long since 2012.

“The thought of just being in a rocking chair with her and being still and quiet for hours and hours upon end, even if I’m exhausted, sounds like such a peaceful bonding time," Williams says.

Congratulations to the young family!

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