For the first time in six years, Hellbound Glory have a new album coming soon. In advance of the project's release, the self-described "scumbag country" band is premiering one of its new songs, "Pinball," with The Boot.

"Pinball" is a high-energy song about a wasted (in the inebriated sense) night out -- and the aftermath the next morning. The song features a foot-stomping beat and fast-paced melody, accented by pinball machine-like noises that add a fun touch to the fairly short tune. Readers can press play below to listen.

Based in Reno, Nev., Hellbound Glory are the brainchild of Leroy Virgil, who sings and plays lead guitar. He formed the band -- which now consists of Virgil, guitarist John Schreffler Jr., bassist Ted Russel Kamp, drummer Jamie Douglass, pedal steel player Jon Graboff, lap steel player Eric "Rico" Peterson and fiddle player Aubrey Richmond -- in 2008, after he moved to Reno from Aberdeen, Wash., in 2002.

"I grew up in a hick town by a lot of people's standards. Reno is just a hick town with taller buildings and brighter lights," Virgil says. "Playing Reno is like playing a 24-hour dive bar. No matter where I play, I’m never too far from home.”

Pinball, Hellbound Glory's new album, is due out on Oct. 13. It was produced by Shooter Jennings and is being released on his Black Country Rock label. They tracked the record in January at Echo Park, Calif.'s Station House Studios.

Readers can visit to learn more about the band and their newest album.

Listen to Hellbound Glory, "Pinball":

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