Heidi Newfield may look 25, but believe it or not, she turns the big 4-0 today, October 4. As her 40th birthday rolls around, the blond beauty is finishing up a new album she hopes to have ready before the end of the year. It will be the follow-up to her highly-successful debut solo CD, 'What Am I Waiting For.'

Heidi does not take her solo success for granted. Although she had a fruitful run as a member of the band Trick Pony for 10 years, she's happy to be out on her own carving a new path for herself ... and grateful for those who've helped her find her own niche in country music.

The Boot caught up with Heidi to throw a few off-the-wall questions her way. And judging by her quick-witted answers, we think she's pretty darn fabulous at 40.

If you had a real crystal ball, what would you be looking for?

A cure for cancer. Or, in my personal life, eternal romance. I'm married, which is all the more reason I would wish for eternal romance. We all know that when you get married you have your ebb and your flow, so if I had a crystal ball I would wish for that romantic passion to be ever-present.

Finish this sentence: You would never catch me ...

... saying no to an autograph or wearing a thong in public. [laughs] Even though I like my a--, I still prefer a bikini over a thong.

If you could clone one person, who would you choose?

I could clone Steven Tyler and keep him all to myself! But then again, Steven Tyler's in his 60's so it wouldn't be like that; it would be just so I could listen to him [sing] and pick his brain. Oh, if it's a sexy kind of thing, it would be [actor] Gerard Butler. Give me that cloned ... all day long and twice on Sundays.

Who is the most famous person's cell number you have?

Billy Bob Thornton and Kris Kristofferson.

If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go?

I would follow Oprah around for the day, and during her staff meetings I would switch some papers out so she'd have me on her show. I'd put my name on the roster of guests that they need to have on her show.

If there were no consequences, what law would you most likely break?

I know what Jamey Johnson's answer would be. It would probably be the same answer as Willie Nelson's. [laughs]

What old TV show do you miss the most?

'The Andy Griffith Show.' Was it not the best show ever? It was the greatest group of characters. Every single show was funny, and you would walk away from the TV having learned something.

Do you re-gift?

Sometimes, because in this line of work you get a lot of wonderful free things that sometimes you already have, and you know someone else can use it. I give things away to shelters and Good Will if I already have multiples of or things I know I won't wear. But only the good stuff ... I would never give somebody the really tacky stuff, unless I'm joking with somebody.

If you could wake up tomorrow morning in the body of someone else just for a day, who would you pick and why?

Wow, that's a good one. It would be [supermodel] Gisele Bundchen because I would like to know what it would be like to be nearly six feet tall and a bikini model ... with Tom Brady!

Are there any singers in country music who you feel just got lucky as opposed to being talented?

ABSOLUTELY!!! That's my answer with a capital 'A.' The whole answer needs to be capitals with several exclamation points behind it. [laughs]

If you could go back in a time capsule and be at the Garden of Eden, what would you like to say to Adam and Eve?

Eve was framed!