The hot new ABC series "Nashville" already has us tied up in all the drama going on in Music City, especially the steamy exploits of young country vixen Juliette Barnes, played by blond beauty Hayden Panettiere.

In her debut video, "Telescope," a tune from the upcoming "Nashville" soundtrack, Hayden channels her character's taste for sweet revenge when her man is caught in flagrante delcito. She ropes the guy, drags him along the floor and then hangs him upside down, never once losing the ever-so-slightly-fiendish grin on her face as he twists back and forth. (Watch the video below.)

"Telescope," which was introduced in the series' second episode, was penned by Hillary Lindsey and Cary Barlowe, two of the writers behind Lady Antebellum's No. 1 hit, "American Honey." "Nashville" was recently given the order for a full season's worth of shows. The hit drama airs Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM ET on ABC.