Harper Grae is happily married, but that doesn't mean she's wiped her past from her brain. In her single "I Think About You," the singer admits that, yes, her exes still cross her mind — but, as she both sings in the chorus and explains to The Boot, that doesn't mean she wants them back.

Grae co-wrote "I Think About You" with Matt Willis and Ian Christian, piecing various details together — yes, it's all true — to share the memories of relationships that didn't make it. Below, she shares the story behind the song with The Boot.

The idea came from a few of my exes reaching out once my now-wife and I went public (aka, making our first Instagram post); they would reach out and ask if I still thought of them. This got me thinking: While I do still think of these people, I don’t care to actually be with them. This was the spark that started "I Think About You."

The writing came very quickly. This was a song that was written in a couple of hours, tops, because each lyric line is a precise memory for me. The writing session was a little different than I normally write: I spoke out memories, and we arranged them into a song. Normally, we write the song down, but this one, we wrote our memories and fit them together like a quilt. These lyrics are the true tea, honey!

The finished version definitely sounds like what I envisioned. The sound did change a bit — the demo was a piano vocal and a bit more ballad-land, which I love, but I wanted the full production to have more movement.

My favorite line is “when there’s a little red painted on the crescent moon” because this doesn’t happen often in nature. Still, to this day, I take note of when the crescent moon has a little red on it. It’s not only magical, but also rare, much like a healthy relationship (in my experience).

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