Singer-songwriter on the rise Hannah Bethel is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to her new single, "Train." Readers can press play above to hear the song, and see its accompanying music video.

Bethel co-wrote "Train" with her sister, Wynter Bethel; Brad Hill and Lalo produced the song. The artist says that writing the song "marked a huge turning point in my life" -- so huge that it's hard for Bethel to explain in words just how much of an impact its made on her.

"I was exhausted from years of touring and making records independently and barely getting by. My personal life felt like it was unraveling, and my confidence in my artistry was fragile at best," she shares. "I had been trying for so long to make myself fit and feel whole in my career and in a relationship. I valued the opinions and feelings of others higher than my own, and I realized that I was starving for the approval and attention of people that were not meant for me."

However, as Bethel and her sister wrote "Train," her perspective began to shift "from 'Why can't I catch a break? Why are these things happening to me?' to 'Why do I continue to allow these things to happen?'" The song, Bethel says, "gave me the strength and honesty to fight for the life of my wildest dreams, and to walk away from things that no longer served my joy and my peace.”

Bethel's "Train" music video was filmed in West Texas' mountains and deserts. Dawson Waters filmed and directed the clip.

A native of North Michigan, Bethel grew up listening to country music and '70s rock and performing locally. At the age of 17, she self-released an album, and then, one year later, moved to Nashville. Since arriving in Music City, she's released two albums and an EP, and toured with Joe Nichols, Trisha Yearwood and more.

"Train" will officially be released on Friday (Oct. 12). Fans can visit to learn more about Bethel and her music.

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