It'll be hard not to get distracted by all of the knickknacks surrounding Michelle LeBlanc and her special guest Nick Nace in this installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions. Press play above to watch the pair's performance of LeBlanc's song "Highway."

"Highway" is contemplative tune that would make total sense on a road trip playlist. LeBlanc tells The Boot that it was the first song she wrote after moving to Nashville.

"I had just made the move having left behind someone I had unresolved feelings for back in NYC," LeBlanc shares. "I stepped out onto my new balcony, and I could faintly hear the highway in the distance. And that kind of inspired the song, that and the hope that maybe that person would follow me down here and that I didn't entirely lose my chance to explore my feelings for him."

LeBlanc and Nace's Guest Room Sessions performance took place in Nace's sunroom in East Nashville. The inviting space provides an ideal setting for the duet between the two friends and songwriters.

"Nick and I both moved to Nashville from NYC around the same time a couple years ago. We met each other once at a songwriting thing back in NYC, but apparently I was 'too cool for school' ... at least that's what he always jokes!" LeBlanc says. "When we got to Nashville, a mutual friend set a co-write up for us, and that was the beginning of the end. We sort of tackled Nashville together in those early days: We wrote a lot together, played a lot of open mics and writers' rounds and continue to support and cheer each other on as we build our individual careers."

LeBlanc released her debut EP, A Man Like You, in March. Readers can learn more about the project and her at

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