Gregg Allman has canceled the remainder of his summer tour, due to medical reasons. According to the Tribune Democrat, the 64-year-old music legend has scrapped the rest of his dates from August 26 to September 15.

Speaking to Spinner back in June about his current treatments for Hepatitis C, upper respiratory problems and a recent liver transplant, Allman said, "I had actually caught [Hepatitis] when I was 20. I was getting my first or second tattoo and that's where I got it, before they passed all the laws where they have to have the needles sealed and everything. He just picks a couple of 'em out of a bucket, stirred 'em in some water or something, and loaded them in the guns! Said, 'Whatcha want, boy? What color?'"

After an incredible three-hour set at the Beacon Theatre in New York City with the Allman Brothers and several North American dates, Allman has decided to take a break from the rough ways of the road. reports that the singer will need to be hospitalized for several days followed by four to six weeks of bed rest.

But his health problems didn't stop Allman from performing with his band the Bridge (who are disbanding this year) at the AmeriServ Flood City Music Festival in Johnstown, P.A. over the weekend.

"That speaks a lot about what kind of performer he is to be here," Shelley Johansson, marketing manager for the festival told the Tribune Democrat. Get well soon, Gregg!

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