American Music Awards' Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Gloriana was temporarily silenced this past weekend, as band member Tom Gossin was put on vocal rest. But he quickly found other ways to speak up.

Ordered not to speak for five days, Tom lamented how difficult it is for him to be quiet, via his Twitter page.

"So my vocal chords are beat up and the Dr. told me that I can't speak for 5 days!" he wrote on day one. "I'm turning into a good listener. Silence is golden."

By the end of day one, however, Tom was already complaining ... hinting at an unbearably long and silent road ahead!

"This whole 'no talking' thing is tough!" he tweeted. "All I want to do is yodel from a mountain top."

On the third day, Tom was thinking out loud how much he missed talking to himself, how he wished he knew sign language ... and "ordered way too much sushi to compensate for the awkward silence supplied by me."

By day four, Tom swore that not being able to talk had "heightened his sense of hearing to at least that of Spider-man's post spider bite."

On Monday morning -- day five -- Tom tweeted apprehensively ... "Well, it's judgment day. Dr's appt. at 3 to check the fate of the voice. Would that be my 'Jersey Shore' name? 'The Voice?"

Later that afternoon, Tom joyously tweeted, "The Verdict: The chords are improving! Should be back in action on Thursday. Thank you all for the well wishes-you guys rock!"

Gloriana will head to Australia early next month to continue Taylor Swift's Fearless tour.