Gloriana surprisingly went from being a quartet to a trio earlier this year, when band member Cheyenne Kimball abruptly left the band. But while the three remaining members -- brothers Tom and Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert -- were saddened by the sudden shake-up, they now say they couldn't be happier with their new sound.

"[Fans] can expect Gloriana in the whole form of us all having our own vocal moments and also coming together with our signature harmony sound," Rachel tells CMT. "But for this record, we set out to make a more organic-sounding record ... The songs are very reflective of our lives over the last four years together as a band and a lot of our own experiences. To give you an example, when we started this band, I was 18 years old. So there's a lot of growing up to be had. I think they'll see there's been an evolving process for us."

The group's upcoming album, 'A Thousand Miles Left Behind,' was altered to reflect their new, post-Cheyenne sound, but that isn't the only change that will be heard on the new CD. The threesome also worked to embody more adult themes -- and used the video for their single, 'Wanna Take You Home,' to prove they are all grown up. (Watch it below.)

"I was freaking out a little bit!" Tom admits when he first saw the video treatment, which includes some intimate scenes between him and the leading lady. "We filmed for two days. The first day was the party, and the second day was me and the girl back in the apartment scene. I get now what everybody means when they talk about filming love scenes in front of the whole crew. It's very, very awkward."

The bandmates say their focus on a more mature sound can be found not only in their new tunes, but also in their live show. "We've learned a lot on the road. It's been an amazing four years for us," Mike says. "Our show is constantly evolving. I feel like the musicianship is getting better and better as we go. We've tweaked some stuff here and there, musically. It's exciting to see us mature, if you take a step away from it. We still stay true to Gloriana and what we were when we started, but there are some new elements to it."

Gloriana are keeping a busy touring schedule while they wait to release their latest CD. They head to Washington this Friday (September 23), followed by a series of shows in California. Keep track of their concert schedule here.

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