When Gloriana received word last week that their debut single, 'Wild at Heart,' was certified gold, the group had a slew of people to thank, but none more than their loyal fans.

"It means the world to us," Mike Gossin tells The Boot. "We set out with a dream three years ago and made some songs and toured as much as we possibly could. And people supported us and believed in us, and that really is the greatest feeling in the world. I've got to say it feels pretty freaking good! But we've got to thank them, because it wouldn't have happened without people supporting us and going out and spending their hard earned money. It all paid off."

Mike's brother, Tom Gossin, brought a little humor to the moment, reflecting back on their previous experiences before hooking up as Gloriana. "I think up until now any record that any of us have been on prior to Gloriana had only gone aluminum foil. That's as far as it went, which is that you sell 10 copies to your friends. So, we are really excited."

The foursome have achieved many of their initial goals, but they already have set their sights on what they would like to accomplish next year. "Right now we're in the middle of writing for our second record," says Rachel Reinert. "And we just did a writers' camp. It was just an absolutely amazing experience for the four of us. I think goal-wise for next year, hopefully, is to have a single out and a record out and continue touring and keep doing what we call 'living the dream,' so that's pretty much it."

The group, who took home last year's Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, have been on the road learning about themselves and about how the business side of music works. "Personally, I think there's been a lot of growth in all of us," explains the newly-engaged Cheyenne Kimball. "I can't really pinpoint exactly what it is, but I was 17 when I first joined the band. We've all grown. We've all gotten better as performers, singers, players and songwriters, and I think that will influence the next record a lot, just because you need that experience sometimes to really be able to make it, to be able to come across to people like you know what you're talking about. Because sometimes you've got to go out and live it first before you write it."

"We've definitely gotten used to traveling, too," adds Tom. "It's almost like when you get a puppy, housebreaking a dog or something. As a human, when you've always lived in a house and had a bed and a shower and all these things, it takes a long time to get used to accepting that it's not going to be the way it is, so I think we've all gotten into that head space where we can travel all the time."

In the midst of touring this summer, the members of Gloriana have been preparing to head back into the studio, which they are this week, to work on their sophomore effort. Their next tour date is tonight (September 28) in Bloomsberg, Pa.