Gloriana's sophomore album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind, has been a long time coming, and the group is proud to finally announce it will be released July 31. The highly-anticipated project follows their self-titled, 2009 debut that led to several accolades including the American Music Award's Breakthrough Artist of the Year and the 2010 ACM for Top New Vocal Group.

Despite the three-year wait in between albums, the group's Tom Gossin says they aren't worried about the so-called 'sophomore slump.' "I feel like all you can hope to do in your sophomore album is advance your songwriting and advance your musicality better than your first album," he tells The Boot. "We definitely did that with this album. We love the first album, but that was then and this is now for us. Our lives have changed so much. We're the same people at our core, but our environment that we live in is so drastically different. This album is like a documentary of what's going on."

One of those drastic changes was going from a quartet to a trio. Cheyenne Kimball abruptly left the group last year, which is likely what caused Gloriana's new album to be delayed a bit, as they'd already recorded much of it with her vocals. Tom and bandmates Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert were admittedly hurt by their former partner's departure, but they chose to concentrate on the cloud's silver lining.

"In the end, we feel like we're getting back to our roots," Mike explains. "Tom and I moved here (Nashville) from North Carolina and met Rachel first. She let us move into her house with her because we didn't have any place to stay. That was really the core and the heart of the band, how we all started here playing bars. After everything that happened, we really feel like we're getting back to the core of this band and our roots."

"There's still that Gloriana thing that people will recognize from the first record," adds Tom, "but as we've grown up, our sound has evolved. It's still us, just the next chapter of us."

All 11 tracks on A Thousand Miles Left Behind were written or co-written by the band, including the fastest-rising single of Gloriana's career, "(Kissed You) Good Night."

Watch Gloriana's '(Kissed You) Good Night' Video

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