Since Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011, his health has steadily declined. In April of 2014, he moved into a full-time care facility, as the disease had progressed to the point where his family could no longer properly care for him at home. And while Campbell's situation is no doubt saddening to both his loved ones and his fans, his friend and fellow country artist Jimmy Webb says that Campbell is doing well, all things considered.

In a lengthy post to his Facebook page, Webb shares some information and observations from his time visiting Campbell at his "memory support community" in the Nashville area.

"It reminded me of one of the nice hotels he would stay in while on tour," Webb explains. "[Campbell's wife] Kim has found this place for Glen that is safe, where he is cared for 24 hours a day. The ratio of caregivers to residents astounded me ... [and] his neighbors are former lawyers, doctors, teachers and others who are living with the same challenges ..."

Webb reveals that Campbell's private living area within the facility was painted and decorated with "lots of photo murals and framed memorabilia" by his wife and is "bright and clean."

"He loves color," Webb says of Campbell, "and still wears his blue suede shoes from time to time!"

Webb also praises Campbell's full-time caregiver, Brody, whom Webb says is "patient and kind."

"We instantly fell for Brody," Webb says, "and thanked him for the care he gives to Glen and the important breaks he gives Kim so she can rest and work."

According to Webb, although Campbell's memory may be fading, he is still happy and enjoys joking around. Webb says that Campbell still does his Donald Duck impression and sings.

"Music is still at the very center of who he is," Webb writes. "It is almost as though he is giving a never-ending performance.

"The last thing he said to me when it was time for us to go was, 'Was it a good one?' like he used to say to me at the end of a concert," Webb continues. "That phrase made me think that he recognized me, that and the fact that he said my name to Kim and [Campbell's daughter] Laura when I left the room briefly."

Despite the news in March that Campbell's children Debby and Travis had filed a petition to take control of the country legend’s medical and financial decisions away from his wife, Webb says that "he sees his family all of the time," and many of them live very close to the facility.

"He is loved. He is cared for. He is respected. And most of all, he has his dignity," Webb concludes. "We can all be comforted by that."

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