"Arkansas Farmboy" from Glen Campbell's final album, Adios, is a biographical tune about Campbell's early life. Readers can press play below to hear it.

The country icon's longtime friend, songwriter and band member, Carl Jackson, wrote "Arkansas Farmboy." Inspired by a story about Campbell's grandfather teaching him to play the song "In the Pines" on "a $5 guitar," Jackson wrote the song on an overseas flight.

"He always loved the song, which I was proud of, because it was about him," Jackson says in an interview with Billboard. "It means the world for me to hear him sing these lyrics. I really believe it describes him: He’s the Arkansas Farmboy. He was comfortable in being that, but also meeting kings, queens and presidents. Wherever he was, he was just Glen Campbell."

"Arkansas Farmboy" is a gently strolling waltz through Campbell's childhood, during which he grew up as part of a large farming family in Arkansas. That story about his grandfather is in there, too: "I recall how granddaddy held me / And taught me the melody to "In the Pines" / On a $5 guitar that led to a fortune / I'd trade just to go back in time," Campbell sings.

"I really had an incredible childhood: 12 kids, no electricity, no running water; it was back in the sticks," Campbell says in a YouTube video. "I wouldn't change a thing about growing up, if I had it to do over. If I did, I wouldn't be here now."

The sentimental harmonies of "Arkansas Farmboy" follow same emotional thread of the other songs from Adios. The album is set for release on June 9.

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